Eastern Oregon Ventures

Building the Entrepreneurial Eco-System in Eastern Oregon


Eastern Oregon Ventures is committed to the growth of new entrepreneurs. We strive to continue building upon the entrepreneurial eco-system of Eastern Oregon by connecting high-growth startups and new companies with angel investors and venture financing. In collaboration with our local partners, we provide the necessary resources and opportunities to boost entrepreneurship and maximize the potential for economic development in the Eastern Oregon region. 


EOV develops strong relationships with local entrepreneurs and other organizations to support, guide, advise, and help create an innovative and productive environment for new ventures. 


We’re here to foster a community in Eastern Oregon that shares expertise, collaboration, and meaningful results. Our expanding local network of investors, service providers, and mentors further aims to provide entrepreneurs and startups with the knowledge, inspiration, and resources to reach their goals. 


Our growing register of partners and institutions provides local resources, educational and leadership programs and activities, networking opportunities, and business knowledge that yields growth and stability for Eastern Oregon entrepreneurs.


By working together, creating networking opportunities, sharing business knowledge, and venture funding, we encourage entrepreneurship, establish and expand the local eco-system, and help nurture enterprises as they grow. 

We value the local community of Eastern Oregon, where the success of new ventures is an integral component of economic development and stability. Our organization advocates for a supportive local climate and culture and gives new ventures access to skills, resources, and infrastructure necessary to grow and reach success.


Become a Part of the Team

By joining EOV, you’ll access our support systems, mentorship opportunities, and financial resources, allowing you to further advance your startup pursuits while contributing to the strength of the community and entrepreneurial eco-system of Eastern Oregon.

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