Angel Investment Workshop

For Fun, Profit, and Economic Growth

One essential component for economic development is entrepreneurship. With economic development in mind, we are generally looking for scalable traded-sector business ventures. These types of businesses can create wealth and jobs that would not otherwise be present in the community.

These types of business ventures also require an eco-system in order to thrive: investors, entrepreneurs, employees, coaches/advisors, service providers, affordable space… The cycle usually starts with investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to make the leap together.

However, this can also be a chicken and the egg type of scenario. It is difficult to create an investment community, unless there are entrepreneurial ventures to invest in. On the other hand, it is difficult to get entrepreneurs to raise their hand, unless the potential to finance the venture exists.

To kick-off this process in eastern Oregon, Eastern Oregon Ventures (EOV), in partnership with the Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC), will host a virtual workshop on Angel investing. The program is informational in nature, but the ultimate goal is to help raise an Angel fund to invest in early stage eastern Oregon business ventures. The State of Oregon has also expressed an interest in chipping in.

Have you ever wondered about Angel investing? Do you have skills and experience that could be useful for a budding entrepreneur? Would you like to be involved in building early stage ventures? Would you like to help boost the local economy?

Well, this is your opportunity… There is no cost to attend and no obligation to invest.

Come join with your peers and learn how to support/inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Oh, and it can be a blast as well!